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About Us

Personalised Approach

Here at Weston Entertainments we are able to make your event just the way you want it. Our entertainments team is available to personalise your event from start to finish and to ensure it runs without a glitch.


We understand the importance of showcasing your personality within your event, this is why we work with each one of our clients from the beginning to ensure their event is to their taste and just how they had imagined it.

Excellence and Professionalism

Weston Entertainments is one of the South West's leading suppliers of entertainment for corporate events, private parties and weddings. We offer regional knowledge; working with the best entertainments team in South West, at events all over the county. We work with clients on events of all shapes and sizes, to create truly unforgettable performances.


We pride ourselves on our exhaustive knowledge of the industry, all of which lets us bring you the best packages at the best prices, wherever you are in the South West. Our expert team are passionate about finding new and exciting entertainment products, researching your guests and target audiences to ensure that we’re always able to offer a huge variety of choice.


Bit About Me

I have been in the business for many years now. Music styles have come and gone and although I have attended countless parties, I still love to stand behind my DJ console and watch the party crowd dancing to my music.

Music has always been the center of my life. Even as a child my father’s record collection was more important to me than the playground. The heroes of my youth were Prince and Stevie Wonder, who back then still came to life through a spinning vinyl record. Today, my complete music collection is stored on a small hard drive that fits into any pocket and that I carry with me. This way I can fill the dance floor 24/7.

Due to my many years of experience, I have not only become an expert in terms of music, but also in organising parties. I can provide you with a lot of valuable advice about how to decorate for a party, how to plan its itinerary, and how to moderate it. I have also met many reliable people over the years that can help turn your party into a success.

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